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Maternity Belts: Compressive Support Undergarments Designed To Help Relieve Pain In Women Who Are Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a very trying time in a woman’s ife. Her body undergoes extreme physical changes that for some if not all women can be extremely painful, particularly into the third trimester and later in the pregnancy in general.
Mini Cradle by It's You BabeLuckily, there are mechanisms to alleviate this pain to the greatest extent possible without compromising the health of the baby (as would be the case were the mom-to-be to simply take a few prescription or OTC pain pills to help her deal with the physical toils of pregnancy). Orthotic supports specifically designed for women who are pregnant can make a tremendous difference in helping to determine the degree of physical discomfort a pregnant woman experiences at any given point in time. These supports are not coincidentally known as “maternity supports”.There are countless brands and generic maternity supports on the market, but a woman should choose one that has a tried-and-true reputation whereby reviews of the product from women who have actually used it while pregnant have written about their consumer experiences in detail. Not all such products are made to equally-high (or low) quality standards, so one must be careful to avoid the temptation to bargain-hunt when a few dollars extra will buy a support that alleviates substantially more pain than the knock-off support.While there are many high-quality brands, we at have through our research, questionnaires and focus groups reached the conclusion that the It’s You Babe line of maternity care products is the best value in terms of band-for-the-buck. While not the most expensive support available on the market (although certainly not the most affordable either), the It’s You Babe line has proven to be the premiere products in each respective niche including general maternity supports, vulvar varicosities supports, trochanter belts, maternity belts and combo supports.

This website nor its owners, operators or affiliates receive or have ever received any form of compensation from It’s You Babe, LLC, and have no financial interest per se with regard to the above endorsement. Rather, we have spoken with dozens if not hundreds of women post-pregnancy who wore various supports, with those who purchased or were given It’s You Babe supports reporting the highest satisfaction rating of any brand surveyed.

It’s You Babe, LLC is a Michigan (U.S.) based company whose products include the Prenatal Cradle, Best Cradle, V2 Supporter, Mini Cradle, Prenatal Cradle Plus V2 Supporter, Hip Brace (Trochanter Belt) and Hip Brace Plus V2 Supporter.

The best prices found for It’s You Babe brand products were all found on the respective product pages for the aforementioned at an online retailer named Egan Medical Supply.

The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date news and information for consumers who are pregnant, family members of those who are pregnant and especially those who are in the market for a maternity belt. This will include information about the total product availability and offerings throughout the marketplace, information regarding pricing, dealer reputations, product reviews and other news related to prenatal health and wellness.

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